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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] [PATCH] - rhgb, inittab and xorg

> The patch will fail against Kadischi's CVS, for anyone who uses it.
> Also they are not deployable, you can't explicitly set rhgb, inittab to
> runlevel 5 or write an xorg.conf file
> without first checking if:
> 1) rhgb was installed
> 2) X.org was installed
> Writing out an xorg.conf file based upon installed packages is something
> Anaconda does during writeXCofniguration().
> What would be better is to look into if and why Anaconda is failing to
> do this with Kadischi.

True we must look at what is failing.
We must also try not to damage kadischi as well.
If there is something wrong about anaconda or any other 3rd party
elements, we need to push it upstream, just like JasperHartline did
for anaconda :)

Good job though, Essien,
if you can figure out something that could switch off unneccessary
services, it would ease my load :)


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