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[Fedora-livecd-list] "Notes" from today's "meeting"

Looks like those six +1s I received were "sure, go ahead and have your 
meeting... but maybe I won't show up for it."  :)

Transcript follows:

[09:03] 	<gregdek_home>	So, who have we got, then?
[09:04] 	<gregdek_home>	It's 14:00 GMT by my watch.  Is anyone 
paying attention?  :)
[09:06] 	*	gregdek_home taps the microphone.
[09:06] 	<gregdek_home>	Is this thing on?
[09:06] 	<notting>	bueller? bueller?
[09:06] 	<gregdek_home>	I just flew in from Pittsburgh, and boy, 
are my arms tired!
[09:06] 	*	thl would interpret this as "no"
[09:07] 	<gregdek_home>	All right.  We've got me, notting and thl.
[09:07] 	<gregdek_home>	If this turns into "an informative chat 
with Bill Nottingham, maintainer of stateless," then that's how it'll be.
[09:08] 	<gregdek_home>	So, Bill.
[09:08] 	<gregdek_home>	What's ahead for Stateless Linux, and how 
will it affect the Live CD roadmap?
[09:09] 	<notting>	what's ahead is 'making stateless go'. 
part of this is to be able to run with the main filesystem read-only
[09:09] 	<notting>	this obviously dovetails with livecd
[09:09] 	<notting>	so, the idea is to pull out all the bits 
from livecd (and others) that basically do enablement for read-only 
[09:09] 	<notting>	and integrate them into the base OS
[09:10] 	<notting>	kadischi's system modifications should be 
along the lines of setting up users, changing servers, changing apps
[09:10] 	<notting>	not 'making the system boot r/o without 
falling over'
[09:10] 	<gregdek_home>	Which is basically where it's at now, yes?
[09:11] 	<notting>	that's a chunk of it, yes
[09:11] 	<gregdek_home>	So what's the rough timeframe for these 
changes to hit stateless?
[09:11] 	<notting>	so, it's moving the basic readonly stuff 
to rc.sysinit
[09:11] 	<notting>	moving some things to mkinitrd
[09:11] 	<notting>	timeframe wise, i'd like to get this done 
for FC5
[09:12] 	<notting>	haven't narrowed it down more than that :)
[09:12] 	<gregdek_home>	How strong a "like" is that?  Is that, 
"I'm highly confident," or, "I'd like this much in the same way I'd like 
world peace and my own pony?"
[09:13] 	<notting>	"i intend to do it, i just haven't picked 
a particular week"
[09:14] 	<gregdek_home>	OK.  When these changes hit stateless, 
does kadischi work for FC5 by stripping a bunch of stuff out?
[09:14] 	<notting>	"if it doesn't, i'll send patches?"
[09:15] 	<gregdek_home>	And also, do you know if the anaconda 
patches for kadischi have made it upstream yet?
[09:15] 	<notting>	nope
[09:15] 	<gregdek_home>	Do you know if Jeremy or anyone is looking 
at them?
[09:16] 	<thl>	jeremy looked at them once afaik -- he didn't like 
them to much iirc...
[09:17] 	<gregdek_home>	Yes, that's my recollection as well.
[09:18] 	<gregdek_home>	Well.
[09:18] 	<gregdek_home>	My next question:
[09:19] 	*	thl actually is working and also only partly here
[09:19] 	<gregdek_home>	Sigh.
[09:20] 	<gregdek_home>	All right.  I guess those +1s on the list 
were pretty weak +1s.
[09:21] 	<gregdek_home>	I'd hoped to find some folks to build some 
images that we could distribute from the torrent... but oh well.
[09:21] 	<gregdek_home>	I think this "meeting" is done.  Thanks, 
guys.  Sorry to get you up early, notting.  :)
[09:22] 	<notting>	gregdek_home: actually sitting in another 
meeting :)
[09:22] 	<gregdek_home>	Yay.  :)
[09:23] 	<gregdek_home>	All right.  I'll send out "notes," heh.

The immediate action items I derive from this:

* Someone needs to make sure that katzj has the kadischi patches for 
anaconda, and is either incorporating them upstream or telling someone why 
he won't.

* Someone needs to propose a way of getting some Real Fedora Live CDs out 
there for download, so that people can use them and say "wow, they're 
great!" or "wow, they suck in these 60 ways!"

* Someone needs to call a meeting that people will show up to.  :)


Greg DeKoenigsberg || Fedora Foundation || fedoraproject.org
Be an Ambassador || http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors

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