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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Kadischi - Xen kernels

On 3/2/06, J. Hartline <jasperhartline adelphia net> wrote:
> Chitlesh
> It seems to be that isolinux doesn't support .gz gzip compressed kernels
> as Grub would.
> This is easy to fix considering we use Grub and Isolinux, or just move
> to using Grub altogether.
> Give me some feedback so I know what would be best.
> Surely there are some users on this list that would want Grub too no?
> I think using Grub solely would work for the Kadischi overall.

ok, can we leave this for next time?
It would be nice to smooth the rough edges of the livecds so that we
might have an Official livecd.
JesseKeating will offer me the opportunity to grab FC5 before its
release. So quicking the livecd would be good before FC5 release.

we can work on Xen later.
what do you think Jasper?
Its an opportunity.

Rahul has informed me that gnome-live might choose kadischi as well.


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