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Re: Kadischi and initrds (was Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Kadischi - Xen - patch)

Jeremy Katz wrote:

My thoughts on how to do it in a way that moves the live CD case to be
more like the regular case are along the lines of the following
* mkinitrd (nash actually) now has support for overriding built-in
commands.  We can take advantage of this to have our own mkrootdev which
finds the root device and sets up /dev/root as it.  I started on the
code for this ~ 6 months ago.  I can probably dig it up on my old laptop
which is sitting at home
Well, time permitting that would be great.
It would enlighten all of us as to where it is heading, if in that direction. I had looked at nash source for a little bit, though I didn't see this feature you mentioned
in another mail also. I will look again.

* The support for multiple initramfs's means that we could have kadischi
generate a /boot/initramfs-livecd.gz in its %post that contains our
mkrootdev.  We can then just tell isolinux to load both initramfs's
* We can place the set of modules that we want to include as MODULES
in /etc/sysconfig/mkinitrd.  This will make it so that we can include
support for certain sata chipsets or scsi or whatever
* As long as the fstab is correct, then the right filesystem modules
will get pulled in.
If we populate the directory sanely before the install, then the
kernel's %post can even do all the hard stuff of running mkinitrd, etc
for us and things can just work.
Sounds good.

J. Hartline

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