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[Fedora-livecd-list] kadischi+kickstart is broken how exactly?


   A few years ago I worked on generating livecds using mandrake as a base. 
like to start using fedora as a base and it looks like kadischi is the place to
start.  Things here look rough around the edges, so I'm hoping you can
help answer at least this first major question of mine.  (and I'll throw in my
first reactions to the system)

I just ran my first experiment with kadischi using kickstart on FC5T3, and to
my surprise given the status listed on the development wiki, it worked.

It might not have worked exactly like I wanted it to, but given that this is
only my 2nd trivial (successful) kadischi experiment, I was not unsatisfied. 
I.e. it produced an iso, which booted my system.

Mind you I saw some non-fatal bad sector errors, but given that a subsequent
"find / -print" didn't choke, I think it 'worked'.  I sort of expected gdm and
X to be installed, and for it not to be half the size (450M vs 850M) of my
first trivial non-kickstart experiment, but again, it did in fact 'work'.

Pretty much everything I would want to do with kadischi involves using
kickstart, so please elaborate on the development page as to how it's broken if
in fact it still is.


- my first fc4 experiment died in anaconda, but I couldn't care less(fc5 is
practically here already)

- to get fc5t3 to work, I followed the docs, but had to manually apply most of
one of the 2 patches, because parts of it were already in cvs.  Maybe telling
patch to blast ahead and ignoring rejects would have worked, but that certainly
doesn't feel comfortable.  

- I also had to install autoconf/automake which aren't part of a braindead
default fc5t3 install, and thus should be in docs in the yum install line.

- I just noticed that nice rpm spec file posted, and see all those interesting
gettext and other commands in the build section which should probably be noted
in the docs (I'm guessing they might suppress some of the scarier warnings
which didn't seem to prevent me from getting a bootable iso)

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