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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Expectation Setting

Jane Dogalt wrote:

If generating live cds that are as functional and useful as knoppix isn't the
ultimate goal of kadischi, what is?

Fedora Core based LiveCD media, of course.

Distribute these blessed Live CDs far and wide, through whatever clever means
we can come up with.

I don't know how to interpret those goals as anything other than competing with
knoppix (and I would hope mandriva, etc...).  With of course the added kick ass
feature that remastering is as easy as tweaking a kickstart+userpayload.  As
opposed to the more complex nature of rerolling knoppix from scratch (I would
hope those guys have a decent build script/system by now, but I haven't looked
in a while).


I can tell you from first hand experience that rolling your own Fedora CD with Kadischi is tenfold easier than remastering Knoppix, especially from your description and logic.

I personally think it is a common misconception to try and compare any two Linux systems in such a way as you describe, unless you are talking strictly about the Linux kernel. Noth are Linux systems. Both operate in a read-only environment. With the recent addition of user bootsplash support in Kadischi CVS, it is just the beginnings of what you will see associated and available with Kadischi.

These are my opinions however, and I am very interested in the Fedora Project and Fedora Core myself. Knoppix is a good system also. Knoppix is more of a fork, than a "Debian LiveCD". There are differences and these need to be determined and can only be evaluated on a per-user basis.
What is or isn't with Kadischi is up to the mind of the reader and user.

J. Hartline

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