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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] trademark/copyright issues with distributing kadischi output?

On 3/21/06, Jane Dogalt <jdogalt yahoo com> wrote:
> My question, which I think should be answered in the docs (it isn't is it?) is
> this-
> What if any requirements does the fedora project put on someone distributing an
> iso generated with kadischi?
> Does the full spectrum of removing the artwork/trademarks that is associated
> with creating a fedora derivative distribution apply?

Good point indeed!

I think we need something like this

Please have a look and review it,
Ive asked nman on irc and greg too

afterwards, Ill move it to Kadischi/Legal

> If so, I suggest adding a post install script which does this for the user
> automatically (instead of disabling their firewall ;), or adding big FAT
> warnings telling people that they cannot redistribute kadsichi output.
> -jdog

Someone before my participation to this project, has added
"make SELinux work on live system"
to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Kadischi/Schedule

I think there was something wrong with SELinux on Live CDs.

Does it now? I haven't yet look deeply at it.

Chitlesh Goorah

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