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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Kadischi - UI

Jane Dogalt wrote:

With the above, you could also allow a checkbox on a real native
anaconda(fedora/redhat) install, say "create livecd boot image", which would go
ahead and do a completely normal install on a system, but then leave a bonus
bootable iso, say /root/anaconda-livecd.iso, for the user.

Thus, for the people on this list who have talked about using kadischi to
create deployable read-only livecd's for particular systems (say a particular
dell hardware configuration, to be used as an appliance/kiosk), they could just
do a normal install on one instance of the system, and boom, there is your
A user and contributor has also mentioned G4U-like (Ghost for Unix) capabilities with Kadischi. I thought it was a good idea also, in the sense a user's HDD installation could be imaged and written to a live
disc for use at other times, or as a rescue environment for instance.

Or even, if the system has a cd burner, you could do the install, and burn the
cd right away.  Maybe just using temp space on an existing system partition
(vfat even) to generate the install iso.
This is an idea I had personally thought about also.
Rather than ending the session with Kadischi with the ISO9660 CD image only.. an even more-user friendly approach would be to ask if they would like to burn it.

J. Hartline

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