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[Fedora-livecd-list] Live "USB" trends amd Fedora live CD

I have been researching live distros, and it seems to be a trend that
Live "CD" distros are increasingly supporting Live "USB" also.  For
example, DSL has a "5-way install script" that supports several boot


One thing I really like is that in addition to booting directly from CD
or USB, you can also boot from inside another Windows or Linux
environment using the Qemu emulator:


I really like Fedora, and hope the developers will officially
incorporate live USB support since many users want to boot from a USB
memory device.  Are there any plans for this?

I suggest considering a change of the name from Fedora Live "CD" to
something more general.  Booting from USB, CD, Qemu, IEEE1394, and
network are all possible booting options.



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