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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] "Build a Fedora Live CD" instructions

Thanks very much for your reply Tim.

I thought I could add /sbin to root's path permanently by editing root's .bash_profile file, but, although the file took the change, that didn't lead to /sbin showing up in root's path on a reboot. So I added /sbin to root's path temporarily before running the livecd-creator again.

When I did that, I got all the errors I set out in my first post, except for the last one, "sh: mksquashfs: command not found". That had obviously been the crucial one, since I also got an .iso the second time.

When I booted from it, all worked up to the stage where I was asked to log in. I knew nothing of any username or password, so I just pressed Enter. However, that didn't work.

I infer that there's no way to get beyond the log in stage with the minimal cd.

I'll now try to follow the next lot of instructions in the document.

Thanks again for your help,


Tim Boring wrote:
try setting up root's path like so:


that should fix it. i encountered the same problem and it was because root's path didn't include '/sbin'...not sure why, but that's a different issue.
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