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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] how to set root password?

On 4/9/07, pseudo vector <ps3udov3ctor gmail com> wrote:
On 4/9/07, Brian Cain <brian cain gmail com> wrote:
> That error message looks like a generic authentication failure, but if
> you're sure you're typing in the password correctly, I would check the
> manpage for sshd_config.  "PermitRootLogin" is one of the options
> whose value may need to change.

I'm trying to log in from the terminal (tty1), not through ssh.
/etc/securetty is set to allow root logins from tty1.

Oh, I guess I didn't read closely enough.  Have you executed the lines
you're using in a shell on a fc6 system and verified that it works?  I
can't help thinking that chpasswd is mucking things up.  Can you try
and see if you can login if you echo a password to the passwd command?
Even if you're nervous about a plaintext login on the livecd media,
it's still worthwhile to execute for debugging's sake.

By "set properly", you mean that the contents of /etc/shadow matches
what you have in your shell script?

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