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[Fedora-livecd-list] Kadischi: LiveCD to HDD installer works


After many many days of wrestling with Anaconda and other complications in running the Fedora Core installer from a LiveCD environment, which is not exactly like Anaconda's normal operating environment exactly, I am glad to announce that Kadischi built LiveCD or LiveDVD
media can be used to install Fedora Core to your system.

Details will be posted to the wiki at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Kadischi shortly in how to create the disc which is able to install to the HDD. Basically, it consists of adding the latest Kadischi CVS as an RPM to your package set in your repository, and modifying comps.xml.
Making sure to select Kadischi during the LiveCD or LiveDVD build phase.

After the LiveCD or LiveDVD is finished and once bootstrapped on a PC..
you simply invoke kadischi with a network repository location to start the install.
This only will work with machines with a network connection.

This method shadows Pilgrim in some ways, but mostly not due to the fact
Kadischi uses the familiar Anaconda installer, rather than any other method.

I will continue to make some changes to Kadischi CVS to round out some loose ends
and add such things like a LiveCD to HDD installer launcher if Gnome or KDE
has been installed, among other changes..
but Kadischi from CVS today should be able to be put in a package repository to create LiveCD
or LiveDVD media which is installable.

J. Hartline

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