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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] SRPMS for installed RPMs?

Matt Domsch wrote:
I want to be sure, for license compliance, that all the binary bits on
the final LiveCD have corresponding source code available.

One of the "features" I'd like to see something in the stack of
livecd-tools produce is a CD/DVD/whatever of the SRPMS that match the
RPMs that go into the LiveCD.  Smooge and I have both done this
ourselves, with varying degrees of ease, essentially querying all the
installed RPMs on the LiveCD after-the-fact and generating the list,
then grabbing the files etc.  All very manual.  I expect there's a
better way, and I'm even open to helping code it, but am looking for
direction from you - those who know the tools best...

A more 'during the fact' approach would be to do an rpm -qa at the end of your %post. Then maybe still in the %post, iterate over that list with rpm -qi, looking at the src rpm entry.

I notice yum has disabled by default source repos. I can't immediately see how to use them, but perhaps you could then further take the list above, and still in the %post do something to query the source repos via yum, perhaps temporarily downloading the src rpm, generating sha1sum, such that the resulting livecd includes a list of sha1sums for every src rpm. Then it would be easy enough to after the fact, extract that list from the livecd, and pull a collection of the src rpms.

Just some thoughts... Perhaps somebody can tell me why the source repos are there in the default yum config, and what can actually be done with them via yum.


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