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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] How to clone a HD install onto a livecd?

--- Lars Bjørndal <lars bjorndal broadpark no> wrote:

> Vnpenguin <vnpenguin vnoss org> writes:
> > On 1/30/07, Lars Bjørndal <lars bjorndal broadpark no> wrote:
> >> I've used Dirk Westfal's article which describes how to create a
> >> Fedora 4 livecd, to create my own customized livecd. It worked
> fine up
> >> to FC5 with kernel 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5. While trying to boot a FC6
> >> livecd with the latest 2.6.19 kernel, it didn't boot.
> >>
> >> Do anyone knows if the RPMs that are used in this article are
> updated,
> >> and may be downloaded from anywhere?
> >
> > url of  Dirk Westfal's article ?
> >> Unfortunately the livecd-creator seems not to be able to do what I
> >> want, or is it?
> >>
> >
> > David's tool works well here with FC6.
> Yes, but is it possible to use this tool to create a livecd as a
> clone
> of a harddisk installation of fc6? How can I do so, if it's possible?

>From a user perspective, this is not possible yet.  But if you know
your way around bash/python/fedora it shouldn't be too tricky to use
the relevent parts of pilgrim to do what you want to do.  Mainly,
pilgrim implements its own installer with yum and chroot.  Then after
creating a system image, it postprocesses it into a livecd, mainly via
packaging the system as an ext3 filesystem image (in a sparse file),
that then becomes the sole part of a squashfs filesystem image, which
then becomes the primary part of the final iso image.

To do what you are saying requires splitting pilgrim into a frontend
installer, and a backend livecd generator.  I.e. you are only
interested in using the backend with a copy of some existing image.  Of
course there are probably several other details, which if you know your
way around a fedora system, shouldn't be too terribly hard to figure

Not trivial, but very doable.  Of course, from my own perspective, I
would just spend the time making a suitable pilgrim config file, rather
than cloning an existing system.  For storage space and reproducibility
and maintenance, thats a big win IMO.


> Thanks
> Lars
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