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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] [RFC/PATCH] livecd rebootless installer

Elias Hunt wrote:
Perfect, I'll keep a watch out for anything traveling down the pipe.

If you would like, feel free to pester me directly for assistance
testing (when you get that far), and I'll happily spin some test CDs
based on our setup using any new/patched code and provide feedback.

Definitely. And to spam this list with yet more technical ideas... in this case specific to your use case...

The live snapshot device, normally located in ram, could also be live migrated to a different file on the cache-destination drive, such that changes to the root-fs from the live-session (i.e. /var/log/messages ....) don't eat up your ram.

Then, since you don't want changes to survive subsequent reboots, when rebooting from the livecd (or perhaps grub harddrive mbr), it would detect that the livecd's ext3 image file has already been cached to disk, and use it, but also utilize a fresh overlay file on the disk, so that no changes from the live-session are remembered.

(also, to correct/clarify myself yet again, I do realize that using lvm for rootfs is basically 'always using a dm linear device layer for the rootfs'. But as I said earlier, I'm not yet a power-user of lvm. And by limiting yourself to device-mapper, you can support the more general use case of non-lvm, OR lvm root filesystems)



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Elias Hunt wrote:

Assuming that iso-caching-to-disk feature is implemented, would it be
easy to have the caching occur on an ext3 partition?

Yup Yup Yup :)  My 2001 project would scan for all partitions it could
blindly mount (mount -t auto), and use any that it found available with at least 2X the free space needed.

I'll take your use-case as added motivation to work on a proof of
concept implementation of that feature... So much code to write... so little
time ;)


My company actually has a use case where we create custom livecds for
hundreds of systems, using a local drive for data storage only as we
don't want the OS to be modified permanently (a reboot will restore to
normal). Having the performance gain of actually running the iso from
the local disk, while still being able to mount the disk for data
storage, and being able to insert other CDs to the running system
provide huge benefits.


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