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[Fedora-livecd-list] missing filetypes for 2 files on LiveCD

  As of f8t3, the files GPL and README have no filetype extension.
For unlucky users on non-Linux operating systems where files with no
filetype have been configured to be swallowed by e.g. a database
program, or a game as a saved level, this could lead to puzzling
results.  For the lucky users, attempting to read either of these
files is likely to bring up an "open with ..." dialog where they
select which program should attempt to interpret these files.  For the
non-technical users who may be most likely to need to read some of
this information, such a choice may be overwhelming.

  Would not these be better as:
It should be a rather safe assumption that some web browser is
available on any system new enough to have a CD drive.  Converting
back to html for a <hr> and the couple of internal hyperlinks will be
far more portable than the current wiki gibberish.

  Might this have already been fixed in the 20071011 LiveCD:


or should I repeat these observations in bugzilla?


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