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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] RFC- unionfs persistence?

Douglas McClendon wrote:
> Never being one to avoid conversing with myself...

Please keep conversing with yourself! Happy to listen! :-)
It would be very helpful if you could summarize the pros and cons of each of the two approaches. This way more of us could chime in and stir in the pot.

From the limited knowledge that I have:
- unionfs write a regular directory/file structure to the rw device, one can easily inspect and manipulate what got written, even on a different machine. - unionfs makes it easy to fold the rw content back into the ro filesystem, it's just a cp -a onto the "master" filesystem - with unionfs one can layer, so one can add additional rw layers on top and thereby preserve a rw snapshot - devicemapper has clean semantics, with unionfs the deletion of a file in the ro filesystem is represented using basically a hack in the overlay

I'm sure there's more...

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