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[Fedora-livecd-list] RFC- proposal for livecd filesystem layout changes

This is a (set of) proposal(s) that I don't feel too strongly about, but if people agree, I wouldn't mind implementing.

First, I'd like to put together and submit a patch, that moves the placement of /squashfs.img in the livecd iso to /LiveOS/squashfs.img

This would have the benefit of cleaning up some code that differentiates between that placement on live-usb, and the current /squashfs.img on current live-isos.

Another benefit is making the iso directory structure look nicer and more intuitively understandable for someone looking at it under windows.

A downside, is that an F7 version of livecd-iso-to-disk would not work with an F8 livecd. I think its worth it, but I admit it is a downside.

Also, livecd-iso-to-disk would look a bit uglier, if it needed to maintain the ability to support livecds made with the current scheme.

Along the same lines, I also suggest moving /isolinux(livecd) and /syslinux(liveusb) to /boot/isolinux and /boot/syslinux. This also would make the usb/iso directory structure look cleaner and more intuitively understandable to less linux-guru users when they look at the directory structure under windows (or anywhere)

And because it is somewhat on-topic, I would also suggest changing the current squashfs.img:/os.img to be squashfs.img:/ext3fs.img, as that would be consistent with what it is named in the --skip-compression case.

Also, I would modify the above to be ext3.img instead of ext3fs.img, such that the naming convention is consistent with squashfs.img (i.e. name of filesystem as passed to mount -t).

Finally, I would suggest changing squashfs.img:/ext3.img to squashfs.img:/LiveOS/ext3.img, such that the general idea is that a container filesystem such as squashfs presents the result in the same place you would look for it without the extra container filesystem.



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