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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] RFC- proposal for livecd filesystem layout changes

Colin Walters wrote:
On 9/20/07, Douglas McClendon <dmc fedora filteredperception org> wrote:
Another benefit is making the iso directory structure look nicer and
more intuitively understandable for someone looking at it under windows.


 This also
would make the usb/iso directory structure look cleaner and more
intuitively understandable to less linux-guru users when they look at
the directory structure under windows (or anywhere)

I'm not qualified to comment on whether filesystem path cleanups are
useful for other reasons, but I think the Windows thing is not an
interesting benefit.  We don't (or shouldn't) require non-developers
to interact with the directory structure, and developers will have to
understand things anyways.

A couple more responses-

First, not to your point but...  I think that the same reasons I
advocate these changes for windows users, apply moreso to developers.  I
think that the proposed filesystem layout will make more intuitive sense
to developers.

Second, I think I can provide an example use-case refuting your
statement-  What about the situation of a user wanting to spin a livecd
with perhaps say... lots of creative commons media content.  I.e. a
bunch of .jpgs and .oggs on the iso.  I think having a directory
structure like-

/music/(some .oggs)
/images/(some .jpegs)
/documentation/(some releasenotes and other html)

looks much better to the user than having /os.img and /osmin.gz and
/isolinux littering the cdrom root filesystem.

It is aesthetics.  But I think they really do matter.


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