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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] After installation

On Fri December 19 2008, Christian wrote:

> OK, i finally managed to install the whole system with the help of the
> screen reader Orca for Gnome. When I reboot the machine I think I am
> supposed to logon. I type root and the root password I provided during the
> installtion but nothing happens. Am I placed at a logon screen? Any help
> would be apreciated many thanks!

On my system after installation, there are accessibility tools available 
already within gdm, but they seem to be only reachable using a mouse. There is 
a icon near the right, buttom corner that allows open a window, where they can 
be activated. On my German system, with this windows open, ALT-p activates a 
screen reader program according to a checkbox that get's checked then. But I 
did not notice any difference or sound output with this option enabled.


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