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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] After installation

Christian wrote:

OK, is it only the user its asking for?
Can I just type the username, then press enter. Then etner a password for that user and press enter again. Then confirm the password and then press enter again?
I simply pressed enter the first time i booted the new system.
Best regards and thanks,

In firstboot, which is what you get the first time, you reboot, post-installation, the third screen is for creating a user. It is structured like this:

Username: enter your username <press enter>
Full Name: your full name <press enter>
Password: enter the password <press enter>
Confirm Password: repeat the password <press enter>

After that press enter again to forward to the next screen for date and time and then the last one for sending your hardware profile. When you boot, GDM has a face browser which shows your full name, you can click and just enter your password or go to "other" and then enter your username <press enter>, followed by your password <press enter> to login.

Hope that helps


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