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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] PATCH: Disk (appliance) creator tool

Douglas McClendon wrote:
Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
This patch adds support for another installation variant. The livecd-creator produces ISO images which boot using syslinux. The image-creator creates a single file containing a filesystem in which the OS is installated. This patch adds a new disk-creator, which creates a single file containing a partitioned disk with potentially many filesystems in which the OS is installed. Furthermore it installs grub in the boot sector, so this image is immediately bootable in
a virtual machine.

FWIW, I advocate, (and my VirOS projects already uses), a system where such a virtual appliance is a mandatory phase of livecd creation. I don't expect any buy-in to convert livecd-creator to this, but this seems an appropriate time to advocate the design choice-

Basically, I see it as useful to look at the process as






Also, one other advantage of this pipeline, is that having the virt_appliance_disk_image, allows you to add interesting extra steps to the pipeline that involve virtually booting the appliance. The two that come to mind are

a) virt booting to precook auto-logged-in-user home directory contents such that they needn't be created during livecd boot and live in ram (instead living in the squashfs).

b) virt booting to determine optimal ways to perform the livecd creation processing. (i.e. determining boot file access order, and then sorting the filesystem... I still need to prove that that is worth it, but I think it is)


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