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[Fedora-livecd-list] Booting Fedora 11 live CD over HTTP


I am working on booting Fedora 11 live CD (Fedora-11-i686-Live.iso)
over HTTP with use of httpfs.
The reason behind choosing httpfs is that, it will work if you have web access.
and Entire ISO file is not downloaded at one go.  Only the parts which
are needed
are downloaded, which puts less pressure on memory.
This is done with partial success. Fedora 11 works in Single user
mode without any problems, but it gives ext4-fs related errors on switching
 to run level 3 or 5.

Following is the method followed.
-- Added the httpfs, fusermount and kernel modules (to support networking
fuse) to initramfs.
-- Added a new script called "bin/mount_http_iso.sh" which does following
    --- Enable networking (by inserting kernel modules).
         Currently, modules for only few network cards are added but new card
         can be easily added.
    --- Setup networking (kernel parameter "ip" is used).
    --- Get the location of ISO (kernel parameter "httpfs" is used).
    --- Mount the ISO as file (using "httpfs" command and fusermount).
    --- Mount the ISO file as iso9660 filesystem using loopback option.
-- Modified the "sbin/real-init" script to call "mount_http_iso.sh" when
httpfs boot parameter is present.

"/bin/plymouthd" had to be disabled as it was somehow freezing
the boot process.  I am not sure of reasons behind it, but fedora 11 boots
over http if following line in "init" script is commented out and it does not
boot when this line is there.
#daemonize --ignore-missing /bin/plymouthd

If run level is switched for from single user mode run level 3 by executing
"init 3" from single user mode, following ext4-fs related errors are thrown.
Any hints on cause of these errors will be helpful.

Starting Bluetooth services:                                 [ OK ]
EXT-4-fs error (device dm-0): ext4_find_entry: reading #13191 offset 0
/etc/rc.d/rc : line 100 : /etc/rc3.d/S80sendmail: Input/output error
EXT4-fs error (device dm-0): __ext4_get_inode_loc: unable to read
inode block - inode=9642, block=827

After disabling following startup scripts in runlevel 3, Fedora does reaches
multiuser login prompt but enter key is shown on console as "^M" hence login
can-not be done :-(

the modified real-init script is available at

The entire setup for testing the process of booting Fedora 11 is available at

gpxe image to automatically for automatic booting over fedora 11 can
be downloaded at

You can also refer to the following page which contains detailed
documentation of
the problems faced and solutions tried.
My apologies if you find this page little dis-organized.  It was created for
personal reference.

Any feedback/criticism/help and hints on getting fedora boot over HTTP
will be welcome :-)
I hope that this work will be found useful.


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