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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Problem with bootloader options in kickstart file

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 11:29 -0400, harry devine faa gov wrote:
> When the CD boots I get the timeout value counting down from 5, and
> when I hit Tab to look at the kernel options on the command line, all
> I have is "rhgb quiet" as stated in the documentation.  As a test, I
> tried putting "apci=force" as the kernel parameter and that isn't
> there either.  I can manually enter "blacklist=iTCO_wdt" on the
> command line and that works, but the --append option seems to do
> nothing at all. 

Some earlier versions of the livecd-creator ignore this option and it
was a known bug.  Related thread:  

LiveCD-Tools 013 approach, and most of the pre-Fedora 9/10 related
changes, have been more radically changed, and are far more capable.  In
other words, don't expect LiveCD-Tools to be fixed for Fedora 8.

Indeed, I see the last version released for F8 is 013.1:  

At most, you could try rebuilding LiveCD-Tools from another distro
release to see if it fixes the issue.  Of course, it will likely break
because of various changes in the distro.  I know there were significant
changes in the distro from Fedora 8 to 9 which LiveCD-Tools 017 relies
on differently than 013.


Another option, which will likely work but may not fix your problem, is
to try LiveCD-Tools 013-8 release from the Extra Packages for Enterprise
Linux (EPEL), namely for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 5 (EL5).


For the .src.rpm files, I assume you know, download, run "rpmbuild
--rebuild" and use the resulting RPM in /usr/src/redhat (assuming you
haven't changed the default RPM macros).

Again, 013-8 from EPEL it should work, but I don't know if it addresses
your issue.  Then again Rahul may have modified it for some EL5
differences, and it may not work.  I've never tried it myself.

> Is this broken in this version?  I know some may say "upgrade to F11"
> or something like that, but that's not really possible for us at this
> time.  We're working towards that, but I'd like to be able to
> blacklist that module during the LiveCD creation. 

Considering Fedora 8 went EOL and has had no security fixes since
shortly into 2008, you should consider either a newer Fedora** release
or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 5.**

-- Bryan

**NOTE:  I understand there are other considerations.  Please contact
myself off-list if you would like to discuss.  I deal with these
all-the-time, especially in government.

Bryan J Smith       Senior Consultant       Red Hat, Inc.
Professional Consulting  http://www.redhat.com/consulting
mailto:bjs redhat com          +1 (407) 489-7013 (Mobile) 
mailto:b j smith ieee org (Blackberry / Red Hat External) 
You already know Red Hat as the entity dedicated to 100%  
no-IP-strings-attached, community software development.   
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