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Re: Packages failing rebuild for FE4

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Jeremy Katz wrote:
| I kicked off a number of Extras builds to try to sync up versions
| between architectures.  A lot have succeeded, but some have failed.  If
| you see a package you own in the list, if you could investigate the
| failure, it would be much appreciated.  I've done some preliminary
| looking at the failures and tried to categorize them somewhat.  I also
| started out looking at the existing bugs to see if there were patches
| that looked reasonable, but kind of gave up halfway through :)

Thank you for doing this Jeremy.  One minor nit to pick is that some of
these failed builds are impossible to debug and hence fix without more
information than is present in the <package>.failure.log file.  The most
information that file provides is: "the build failed, if you could
access this local file, you might be able to figure out why. nya, nya,
nya".  Which, when you're trying to figure out why the build failed on
an architecture to which you have no access, is more than useless and
quite a bit frustrating.  The 4.5M rpm log is, of course, present when
the build succeeds.  This seems, uh, backwards to me.

Seth? Any chance you could change those build scripts to copy the
rpm.log file when the build fails in addition to when it succeeds?

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