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Re: Package EVR problems in FC+FE 2006-12-02

Le samedi 02 décembre 2006 à 11:00 -0600, Jason L Tibbitts III a écrit :
> >Axel.Thimm AT ATrpms.net:
> >    smart
> >      FE4 > FE7 (0:0.42-40.fc4 > 0:0.42-39.fc6)
> >      FE5 > FE7 (0:0.42-40.fc5 > 0:0.42-39.fc6)
> >      FE6 > FE7 (0:0.42-40.fc6 > 0:0.42-39.fc6)
> I wonder if it would be reasonable to suppress rawhide in this report
> until we get closer to test time.  Since rawhide occasionally doesn't
> build, and maintainers often concentrate on released versions when
> fixing important bugs or pushing security fixes, the information often
> isn't pertinent.

I wonder how you think you'll get any rawhide testers if maintainers are
encouraged to let rawhide bitrot till test1.

Also, I wonder how many people will dare test test1 if no one ran devel

Nicolas Mailhot

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