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To make beagle as useful as possible it needs to be linked against some 
packages in extras.  1 is gnumetric to index spreadsheets 2 is wv  to index 
word documents


ok looks like gnumetric  is run time only  so it should work as 
--enable-ssindex  is enabled in gnumetric however  end users may complain 
that indexing is not happening  if they dont install gnumetric themselves.  

so wv  would need to be added to core and to give users best experience  
gnumetric  would need adding back so beagle  could require it. 

a couple of things that bother me about beagle.  and i could be wrong here.  
1. there seems to be no way to index OpenDocument files.  this is a big 
downer for me  as i use them much more often than Word or excel.

2.  it wants to link against older packages  wv1  not wv2 sqlite2 not sqlite3


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