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Re: beagle

On Thursday 12 January 2006 13:12, Aurelien Bompard wrote:
> > so wv  would need to be added to core and to give users best experience
> > gnumetric  would need adding back so beagle  could require it.
> Is beagle going to be in Core straight away ? I thought it would be in
> Extras first. In which case, no need to move packages around.
its already in core

> > a couple of things that bother me about beagle.  and i could be wrong
> > here. 1. there seems to be no way to index OpenDocument files.  this is a
> > big downer for me  as i use them much more often than Word or excel.
> Very strange, OpenDocuments are just zipped XML. Shouldn't be hard to
> index.
i know   but it seems no one has written anything to index them

> > 2.  it wants to link against older packages  wv1  not wv2 sqlite2 not
> > sqlite3
> I maintain wv in Extras. It's at version 1 for the moment, but I've had
> requests to upgrade it to version 2 (it can only be done in devel for the
> moment, because of dependencies). If Beagle requires wv < 2, I'll have to
> make a second package (wv2). Couldn't Beagle use wv2 ?
the link i posted in the first email states it does not work with wv2 


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