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Re: beagle

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 20:12 +0100, Aurelien Bompard wrote:
> > so wv  would need to be added to core and to give users best experience
> > gnumetric  would need adding back so beagle  could require it.
> Is beagle going to be in Core straight away ? I thought it would be in 
> Extras first. In which case, no need to move packages around.
> > a couple of things that bother me about beagle.  and i could be wrong
> > here. 1. there seems to be no way to index OpenDocument files.  this is a
> > big downer for me  as i use them much more often than Word or excel.
> Very strange, OpenDocuments are just zipped XML. Shouldn't be hard to index.

Well, if beagle would just have an abiword backend you'd have instant
support for MS Word, OpenDocument, OpenWriter, the old StarOffice,
WordPerfect, PDF, Psion, HRText, RTF, XHTML and other document formats.

Never understood why did didn't do this. You can even run AbiWord as a
'server' (gui-less) program/daemon to make the conversions really fast.


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