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Agressive FUD by Fedora contributor (was: [Bug 210775])

There is no official Fedora codex or similar, but I'd still like to
know what happens when a contributor suddenly becomes insane and is
aggressively fudding other contributors like Christopher Stone does in
a bugzilla report, see

Note that I never had any direct contact with this person (or at least
I don't remember).

Christopher Stone wrote:
> ATrpms is not compatible with Fedora (despite what they claim) and using this
> repo will only mess up your system.

> ATrpms overrides official Fedora RPMs and basically you end up destroying your
> system.  I have seen countless people come in #fedora with their messed up
> systems and every time its because they have ATrpms packages installed.  If your
> system hasnt messed up yet, then you have been very lucky.  You should
> immediately remove all ATrpms you have installed on your system and replace them
> with offical Fedora rpms from one of the repos mentioned above.  I do not use
> ATrpms so I have never had any problems myself.  If there is an ATrpms package
> that is not available on any of the "official" repos listed above, let us know.

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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