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Re: Fedora Account System Changes

1) When you are approved for cvsextras, you are automatically approved
for fedorabugs.  This means that once you have the ability to commit to
Fedora CVS you gain the ability to make changes to bug reports in
bugzilla.  This is the policy we've had for quite a long time but
formerly it required users to request membership in the second group and
find someone to add them.  Note that we haven't yet made a pass through
cvsextras to add everyone there to fedorabugs so if you don't have
fedorabugs but do have commit access to the repository, go ahead and
request membership as you would have in the past.

Hmm. What's cvsextras? Is there a cvscore?

2) Since Red Hat legal has decided that Red Hat employees have the
equivalent of signing the CLA because of the terms of their employment,
we needed to restructure the cla_done group to show whether a person has
passed the CLA barrier by signing the Fedora Individual Contributor
License Agreement (and thus is a member of cla_done until/unless they
revoke it) or by being employed by a company that's signed a corporate
CLA (in which case cla_done would be dropped when the person is no
longer an employee.)  We implemented this by creating new groups for
each class of CLA.  People who've signed the Fedora CLA are now members
of cla_fedora.  Employees of Red Hat are in cla_redhat.  Dell employees
(which has a similar corporate CLA to cover employees contributing to
Fedora) are covered by cla_dell.  Membership in any of these groups
automatically grants cla_done so existing code that looks at whether
someone is in cla_done will continue to function.

I can now add myself to cla_redhat, so thanks.

However, I need to add myself to cla_done to add to any groups like cvsextras, etc.

I'm a bit confused about the account edit page on fedoraprojects.org.

In general, I'm not sure what groups I'm supposed to "add," or why I'm supposed to add them. I don't see a master list of possible groups anywhere, or a way to get a sponsor if I need one. (What's this? Who approves stuff?)

What's the master list of groups that a new account owner should have if they were a maintainer of a core package in the old fedora system?

Thanks for spelling this out.


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