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Re: Fedora Account System Changes

On Friday 06 April 2007 06:08:52 Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> However, I need to add myself to cla_done to add to any groups like
> cvsextras, etc.
> I'm a bit confused about the account edit page on fedoraprojects.org.
> In general, I'm not sure what groups I'm supposed to "add," or why I'm
> supposed to add them. I don't see a master list of possible groups
> anywhere, or a way to get a sponsor if I need one. (What's this? Who
> approves stuff?)

Once you've been approved for cla_redhat (somebody has to verify your 
employment), you'll automatically be added to cla_done.  The next thing you 
need to apply for is cvsextras, which is where the sponsorship comes in.  
This is usually the point in which your new package to Fedora has passed 
review and you're preparing to import it.  RH employees already maintaining 
packages have a slightly different process in that you already maintain a 
package, you just need access to get to it once we've merged.  Once you've 
been sponsored for cvsextras, you'll automatically get fedorabugs which gives 
you access to setting flags on Fedora bugs (which you may already have given 
you have a redhat.com account).  That should be all the groups you need to 
function as a Fedora package maintainer.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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