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Re: Packages with "fc6" name in Fedora 7


Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> The current thinking seems to be to just ignore them* but this is 
> guaranteed to result in a lot of confusion. When end users do a 
> distribution upgrade via yum or Anaconda, some of the packages might not 
> have been updated to the Fedora 7 version due to incorrect packaging or 
> other issues while the rest are packages which are deliberated not 
> rebuild to avoid churn. Debugging a end user system with such a mix of 
> packages is very painful.
> I would suggest that we consider rebuilding just to avoid the confusion. 
> I consider that a good enough "technical reason". The advantage of less 
> churn in packages is lost quickly since packages receive updates fairly 
> quickly in general.

My take: I'm not sure if that's really worth the trouble and we are
quite late in the game for Fedora 7. So maybe we should just ignore this
for Fedora 7 and find a better solution for F8 and later.

Further: I agree with the direction of your statement regarding the
confusion. We IMHO should try to solve this with a guideline like "if
you use the disttag then you have to make sure the package gets rebuild
once during a devel cycle so the disttag of the resulting packages
matches the actual release" together with some docs in the wiki that
help people to decide when to use dist and when not to, and how to do
manually do what "simply works" when using dist (e.g. make sure upgrade
path is proper). I'm willing to help writing those docs if we get a
guidline like the one roughly outlines above. Ohh, and reviewers must be
educated about this as well, as a lot of them are suggesting new
packagers to use disttag everywhere.


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