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Re: Packages with "fc6" name in Fedora 7

Matthew Miller wrote:
Speaking from
experience as someone who rebuilds a lot of packages, this is exactly the
reason to rebuild all packages at some point in the development cycle. It
sucks to discover that a package doesn't actually rebuild cleanly anymore
when you really need to do it urgently.

It does suck. Firefox security updates in Fedora have been delayed due to compiler and other toolchain issues, due to GTK+ changes, due to pango changes, etc.

Still, That does not warrant a rebuild at this point because new features can crop up and we lose testing on a stable set of packages.

I'd rather see a tinderbox-like build happen for these things to catch them. Rebuilds should happen as quickly as we can churn them out, but these builds should be _throwaway_ builds. They should not be released. The main purpose should be to catch things that no longer rebuild properly. This will solve the issue without needlessly pushing new packages to people over a cosmetic change this late in the game.

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