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check-buildroot and check-rpaths to redhat-rpm-config?


Now that there's activity on the buildsys-macros/redhat-rpm-config front, 
would it be possible to move the following scripts from rpmdevtools to one of 
those packages?


The reason for this is that I'd like to add some new utilities to rpmdevtools 
which come with some new dependencies, and I don't think it's good to have 
the base buildsys package set grow because of those.  And those check-* 
scripts fit better in redhat-rpm-config IMO.

Another approach could be to split those scripts in a rpmdevtools subpackage, 
or move them to a buildsys-* package that is shipped in the normal repos.

Moving them away from rpmdevtools and rpmdevtools away from the base package 
set would also allow purging a few things that get pulled in just because of 
some rpmdevtools dependencies that aren't really relevant in build roots.


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