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Re: Moodle: language packs and FC-4

>>>>> "JJ" == Jerry James <Jerry James usu edu> writes:

JJ> First, CVS has an FC-4 directory under moodle.  Do I need to
JJ> maintain that?

No, you don't, but you can if you like.  For example, I still maintain
denyhosts for FC3 because I happen to need it for something and it's
simpler to build it out of the CVS tree.  You can't, however, issue
builds for anything older than FC5.

JJ> 1) Download all of the language files and include them in one
JJ> monolithic moodle SRPM.  Split out the installation and use files
JJ> for each language into a language subpackage.  This lets us keep
JJ> all the files for a particular language in one place, but means
JJ> that anytime an individual language file gets updated, we have to
JJ> rebuild the whole thing.

That may not be much of a problem if the language files don't change
much more often than the package itself.

JJ> 2) Embrace the fact that the installation language files are small
JJ> (a few hundred bytes to a few K apiece), and partially unnecessary
JJ> anyway.  Just put them into the main moodle package (once!).
JJ> Create separate SRPMs for each language file with the date stamp
JJ> for the version number.  Now language packs can be updated
JJ> individually, but this also means that I will suddenly be the
JJ> maintainer for 60+ additional packages in which I have no personal
JJ> interest.

I'd expect the maintenance overhead of one of these to be low, but
having to rev 60 of them at a time might be just plain annoying.

I think the final decision rests with you; you need to determine how
much time you can invest and how much process you're willing to put up
with.  Perhaps you can find someone willing to assist you in
maintaining these?  I suppose that if nobody is willing to do so, you
could simply drop those languages in which you're not interested.

 - J<

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