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Message from Jasper Hartline (autopsy)


I'm currently the lead developer for the Kadischi project seen here:

I'm in the cvsdevel group and am following the new package process
from the wiki and the join process for new packagers.
I intend to take over Kadischi in Extras and also take control of the bugzilla entries filed for Kadischi since Chitlesh Goorah (cgoorah) has abandoned the project.

I have had errors with plague-client since I am not in the cvsextras group I thin it is called.
The wiki directs me to discuss it on this list.

Since I'm a new packager I am curious if someone would want to sponsor me or help me
continue the package process so I can complete these tasks.
The review request for the package is here:

Please let me know what I can do.
J. Hartline

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