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Re: Release Engineering Meeting Recap from Monday 16-APR-07

1. In the future we should consider a mass rebuild of all packages around, but no later than test2

Hmmm, this was discussed in depth at the end of this thread:
Some people would like to see a mass rebuild, some others are against it.

I'm one of those against it. Reasons:
- Seems we have quite some users in country were internet bandwidth is unreliable and costly. If we mass-rebuild everything each time those users have to download a lot of new stuff where nothing changed besides the release. that makes Fedora harder to use for them. - the update process gets much longer for each and everyone of us if each package has to be downloaded and updated. - the packages out in the wild are tested and known to work. Rebuild packages have to proof again that everything is fine (which should be the case most of the time, but in rare cases isn't)

IOW: The benefits of a mass rebuild *each* devel cycle is IMHO not worth the trouble we create for our users. I think a mass rebuild now and then when the toolchain (things like gcc or other crucial stuff like rpm, python,...) changed massively (round about probably every second or third release cycle) is more then enough.


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