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Re: Question on how to handled "GPL with exceptions" in a package review.

Christopher Aillon wrote:

In the post I replied to, I saw no disclaimers nor mention of who, if anybody, in legal you asked.

When I wrote some licensing related articles for Red Hat I have been involved with Red Hat legal. I have also talked with FSF extensively on GPL related issues on various occasions including Eben Moglen in this specific topic in person.

 On top of that, you ended with a note that
it "seems ok" to you, which can be construed as legal advice.

"Seems ok to me" is specifically meant to clarify that this is a personal judgmental call rather than as a clear cut legal statement.

When we deal with legal issues we either work by consensus which is way faster or go to the legal team for additional clarifications on instances which is way slower. We do work as a community and judge the licenses ourselves in every single package review. Are you suggesting that we consult Red Hat legal on every single license?


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