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Re: Summary of the 2007-04-17 Packaging Committee meeting

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
Meeting minutes and full logs of the packaging meeting which occurred
on 2007.04.17 are online:


Executive summary:

The following drafts are now official guidelines, having been accepted
by FESCO last week:
 * A statement of the responsibilities of reviewers and packagers during
   the package review process

 * Guidelines for conflicting packages and the use of Conflicts:

These should be written into the guidelines soon if this hasn't
already been done by the time you read this.

Issues pending FESCO ratification:
 * Minor clarifications to the filename encoding guidelines:

 * The guidelines contained a few references to fedora-extras-list;
   these have been altered to point to fedora-devel-list instead.
   We went ahead and made the change because extras-list is gone, but
   FESCO should ack these changes.

Can you remove all references to core and extras from the guidelines? FESCo is Fedora Engineering Steering Committee now.


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