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Re: Summary of the 2007-04-17 Packaging Committee meeting


On 18.04.2007 01:33, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

 * The guidelines contained a few references to fedora-extras-list;
   these have been altered to point to fedora-devel-list instead.
   We went ahead and made the change because extras-list is gone, but
   FESCO should ack these changes.

Well, some people accuse me of formalizing everything to much and putting to much government structures into Fedora (they might have a point, but that's another discussion). But reading the above I'm starting myself to wonder: does FESCo really want and have to look at such issue like adjusting references to fedora-extras-list? Sending the adjustments that are going to be made to the list (where FESCo members as well as ordinary packagers can jump in if they don't like something) and discussing them in FPC IMHO should be more than enough I'd say.

 * Meeting time: We'll have to block out time in a wiki table and try
   to narrow something down. At the moment it looks like 1600UTC
   satisfies the most people, except for cutting into f13's lunchtime.

BTW, it's not my business as I'm not in the FPC, but I thought I mention it here as I'm writing this mail anyway already: most meetings times seems to take the DST switch into account and adjust the UTC meeting time by an hour so the effective time always stays round about (¹) the same for US and Europe. Wouldn't that be a solution for the FPC, too?

Just my 2 cent.


(¹) -- the switches are on different dates these days, so there are two or three weeks where it's getting a bit mor complicated :-/

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