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Re: Fedora 7: SCIM Launch Problem

Hi Warren,

I was away from Wednesday last week so sorry for not being able to follow up quickly.

Thank you for bringing this up for wider discussion. :)

A few comments:

Warren Togami wrote:
Due to the enabled-by-default behavior, SCIM annoys non-SCIM users who
accidentally hit SCIM hotkeys, popping up the language bar or inputting
unwanted characters.

Actually we would really appreciate more bug reports against scim detailing all the problems of running it by default so that they could be addressed.

In an attempt to mitigate this enabled-by-default behavior, this change
was hastily made without being thoroughly thought through.  It disables
the SCIM activation hotkey (CTRL-Space) if you login to a new user
profile for the first time with a language that doesn't normally need SCIM.

My thinking was that it is easier for infrequent scim-users just to use the mouse to activate and deactivate scim: rather than having to go into im-chooser and restart their desktop.

Disabling the hotkey by default is problematic:
- This creates inconsistent behavior between SCIM user profiles created
at different times, depending on what locale and version of Fedora was
running at the time.

True, but I don't see it as such a big problem.

- This forces certain users to use a confusingly disjoint configuration
within SCIM Setup, which is separate from im-chooser.  (User confusion)

But unfortunately the reverse is also true: turning off scim by default forces users to use im-chooser to turn it on.

- This still has an unnecessary memory footprint for users who
absolutely never need SCIM.


1) Undo the hack made in Bug #235435.

Ok. I would still like to encourage more discussion on the default hotkey binding. I am not convinced that Ctrl-Space is the best default choice, even though it is the current defacto choice. AFAIK the main reason Ctrl-Space is the current default is because it is commonly used by Chinese IMs. It conflicts with common keybindings in emacs, eclipse and other applications.

2) Change SCIM's automatic launching to be locale specific.  For
example, Asian languages are in a SCIM automatic list, so launch
automatically in those languages.  Do not launch SCIM automatically in
other languages.

We considered this solution and though I can see it is probably the most pragmatic solution, I was reluctant to go that way since I see it a regression in behaviour. To me having scim run by default when installed provided a much better user experience than having to turn it on manually. But I can see that in the context of the livecd and the new comps this is probably the best we can do at this time.

Can we please implement this before Fedora 7?  The SCIM running by
default in all desktop languages is unacceptable, and the hack in Bug
#235435 confuses the issue, hiding the real problem.

I can certainly modify the scim side easily this week so there should be enough time to test it for F7.


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