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Re: Spilt libperl from perl

On Saturday 21 April 2007 15:46:43 Warren Togami wrote:
> During the last FESCO meeting there was (reluctant?) agreement that
> splitting libperl.so from perl would be a better solution to workaround
> our broken multilib policy than to split perl sub-packages out of
> everything that breaks due to perl.i386 being removed from F7 x86-64.
> Is this going to happen?

Ok, this is my huge mistake.  Here is what happened.

In FC6, perl was multilib because gaim brought it in during tree builds.  Gaim 
being multilib.

Recently, gaim went away and pidgin showed up in Extras.  All of a sudden, 
nothing brought in perl to be multilib.  I mistakenly assumed that perl had 
never been multilib and things were just noticing.  We had big discussions 
around perl/gaim and multilib around FC6 release time and I forgot the 
outcome, and I simply was an idiot and didn't look at the FC6 tree, which 
clearly shows perl was multilib.

To resolve this, I have added perl to a "whitelist" to force it to be multilib 
again, since pidgin isn't in core to pull it in.  This will resolve all these 
broken deps for Fedora 7, without making further drastic changes to the perl 

Perl should once again be multilib with tonight's rawhide.

This problem wouldn't have come up had we already been merged, since pidgin 
would be available during the compose, depsolved, and brought in the perl 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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