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Re: [Minimizing Fedora] Langpacks for Firefox.

On 27.04.2007 08:25, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Christopher Aillon wrote:
> [...]
> May I suggest however that a much better solution would be to use %lang XXX int 
> he %files list for the langpacks, that way if Peter indeed is using 
> %_install_langs, then he will automatically use the lnagpacks to without all 
> the downsides of using seperate langpack sub packages

Just playing devils advocate: downloads are bigger if all the langpacks
are in the main package.

Anyway, that's a problem presto might solve soon.

But we have langpacks in openoffice and kde as well as dictionaries
(aspell, hunspell,...). Maybe we should work towards a proper solution
so yum/pirut installs the langpacks and dictionaries automatically where
it makes sense. Then big langpacks could be split off in other apps as
well (e.g. firefox and thunderbird).


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