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Re: [F8/multilib] {,/usr}/{,s}bin64 (was: Split libperl from perl)

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 20:42:03 "Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski" wrote:
> On Friday, 27 April 2007 at 20:29, Axel Thimm wrote:
> > On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 08:14:35PM +0200, Dominik 'Rathann'
> > Mierzejewski wrote:
> > > Assume we have 64bit mplayer installed.
> > > $ mplayer foo
> > > doesn't work, needs 32bit binary blob codecs
> > > # yum install mplayer.i386
> > > $ mplayer foo
> > > still doesn't work! aargh, why? oh, wait, rpm just ignored the
> > > 32bit binary even though there's a file conflict!
> > > <throwing laptop off the plane>
> > 
> > Yes, the current and proposed bin sub-subpackaging solutions both
> > make you throw the laptop out of the window, so let's go for a
> > solution where the laptop stays on board, e.g. bin64.
> You're trying to solve a different problem.

Lets make this absolutely clear: a lot of people (myself included) want
to see the above problem solved.  I WANT my users (each and every one
of them on multi-user systems in fact) to be able to switch at will
between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of various applications.

The following:

  - users performing installs
  - chroots that require special (e.g., root) permissions
  - virtual machines (that again probably require some 
    special permissions and/or a lot of hassle)

are all non-starters.

And, again from my perspective, manipulation of ${PATH} for each user
is just fine.


Edward H. Hill III, PhD  |  ed eh3 com  |  http://eh3.com/

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