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Sub-Committee's Reporting to FESCo

At the last FESCo meeting, we discussed how FESCo wished the various
sub-committees (EPEL, FPC) to report their weekly summaries.  The
initial proposal was to have the sub-committee send a summary to FESCo
at least 24-hours before the FESCo weekly meeting.  Then during the
FESCo meeting, the chair would simply ask if there were "any objection
to this week's report of <group> at http://<url>", and if necessary have
a vote on any contentious issues.

This works fine for the FPC since they meet on Tuesdays, but since EPEL
meets on Wednesday they wouldn't be able to send out a summary in time
for that week's FESCo meeting.  So instead of having them wait till the
following weeks meeting, do we want to have a guideline that on
summaries that aren't sent to FESCo in time, FESCo members have 3
business days after the summary is sent to make any objections known?

Brian Pepple <bpepple fedoraproject org>

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