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Re: Problems with core review

On 2/6/07, Josh Boyer <jwboyer jdub homelinux org> wrote:
On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 10:04:07AM -0800, Christopher Stone wrote:
> 1) php-pear has a major upgrade (1.5.0) and the current version is
> 1.4.11 in cvs.  The 1.5.0 upgrade is going to bring on significant
> changes.  I am asking him to make these significant changes _before_ I
> do a formal review.  However, he insists that I must do my review on
> the version that is currently in CVS.

You need to review what he intends to put in F7.  If that's not 1.5.0, then
oh well.  Asking someone to do a major upgrade just for you to review it
is silly.  Especially given that we're driving towards a test2 release!

F7 will have 1.5.0

> 2) Joe refuses to make benign trivial changes to the spec file.  These
> are changes that were suggested by members of the packaging committee,
> for example f13 suggested to use %{SOURCEx} notation when installing
> sources instead of $RPM_SOURCE_DIR.  Joe refuses to make simple
> changes like this and would rather bring the issues back up with the
> packaging committee.  I think he feels wasting the committe's time is
> more important than ten seconds of his time to make the change.

If they are only _suggested_ changes, and not _required_ changes, then he
doesn't have to change.  Period.  As a review, you can suggest so but when
someone says no, then drop it.

rpmlint suggested it be fixed, and I even verified it with a packaging
committee member and he too suggested it be fixed in the spec.

What am I to do? override both what rpmlint and PC memebers are
telling me?  Joe's refusal to fix this after both rpmlint and f13
suggested he fix it basically forces me to bring the issue up here.  I
do not have the authority to override both the packaging committee and

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