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RFC: Review with Flags (Version 4)

I think this procedure should be good enough for both Mass Review and general package review for an interim period, prior to a better design in Package Database. I would like to ratify this process late Thursday if possible, so please comment soon if you see problems.

Changes since Version 3:
- Hybrid of "ASSIGNED to next actor" and "ASSIGNED to reviewer and use NEEDINFO" as summarized in https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-maintainers/2007-February/msg00252.html
- Explicit description of MODIFIED and CLOSED states

Fedora Review Flag States
fedora-review BLANK
	I want a review, or a past reviewer gave up.
	Under Review, ASSIGNED to reviewer
	Denied and needs work, NEEDINFO to owner

Assigned Pointer
(Note: Assigned pointer is different from the ASSIGNED state.)
- Assigned pointer to nobody fedoraproject org if no reviewer yet.
- Assigned pointer to reviewer, during the review.
- Assigned pointer to nobody if reviewer gave up.
- Assigned pointer to owner, after APPROVED and fedora-review+.

Bugzilla States
In practice a bug sitting in these states matter less than the state of the fedora-review flag. Participants are to follow these states as suggested guidelines, but the fedora-review flag has the hard requirements of behavior.

- There is no real distinction between these states. The flag and Assigned to pointer is what matters. - Note that ASSIGNED state is different from the Assigned pointer and has no apparent relation for our purposes.

- To owner or other person who needs to fix something or provide needed information in order to proceed further.

- Owner seems to have fixed it, but it requires testing.
- OPTIONAL: you don't need to use this state. It could sit in ASSIGNED where you do the same thing. - *Special Case: During the Mass Review, the fix may go into rawhide and the reviewer can verify both the CVS contents and package before giving fedora-review+.

- fedora-review+ is APPROVED, CVS procedure is done, and package is built and confirmed to be done. - *Special Case*: During the Mass Review, it is fine to set to CLOSED RAWHIDE if it is confirmed to be fixed there. Please use MODIFIED prior to CLOSED RAWHIDE to allow for a verification step.

Review Process
1. Review Request is filed
	fedora-review is BLANK
	Assigned to nobody
2. Reviewer Takes a Request
	fedora-review is ?
	Assigned to reviewer
3a. If review denied and needs work
	NEEDINFO to whoever needs to fix it.
3b. fedora-review- and owner provides fix
	fedora-review back to ?, to request re-review
	Assign to owner
5. After fedora-review+
	initiate the fedora-cvs request procedure
6. After fedora-cvs procedure
	verify buids

Other Possibilities
fedora-review? could also be used on any other Fedora bug when a
horrible mess is found in an existing package, and attention for a
re-review would be desired to fix it.  (Good idea, bad idea?)

Possible Process Optimizations
1. Changing fedora-review to ? auto-sets Assigned pointer to self. This is taking the review. 2. Changing fedora-review to + should auto-set Assigned pointer to owner. This is a little more difficult because it isn't always obvious who the owner is (especially in Mass Reviews), but this may be the reporter in regular reviews later.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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