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Re: Fedora Developer Ranking System v1

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
I disagree. The problem afaics (correct me if I'm wrong) is only solved if the packager is a sponsor. But we should solve the problem also for non-sponsors, so a normal and experienced packager (I'd roughly say this means all of the packagers we currently have that are around for more then 3 months and have at least two packages) that are not yet sponsors should be able to get upstream involved easily, too.

In other words: FD0 should gets access to some packages only, no access to the buildsystem to prevent that stuff get build and pushed out. Members of FD2 (e.g. packagers that are around for some time and got a bit experience) could approve members for FD0 (for example upstream or new packagers) and give them access to their packages. But FD2 members should still not be able to upgrade people to FD1 (that should still require a proper sponsor).


Interesting, I had not considered the possibility that members lower than sponsor (FD5) could bring FD0 onboard. This might work.


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