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Re: Looking for contact with Aaron Kurtz (AWOL?)

Julian Sikorski wrote:
2007/7/8, Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl>:
Hi All,

As discussed already some time ago on fedora-maintainers list, Aaron Kurtz is not responding to inquiries / bugs about his gnome-applet-sensors package:

I'm interested in picking up this package. Since I'm now a co-maintainer of the
lm-sensors package and active in lm-sensors upstream I would like to move
forward with this.

The reporter of the bug in question has already done a first contact attempt as
required by the AWOL-policy:

I've just added a second contact attempt to the bug in question, and as
required by the AWOL policy I'm now sending a mail to the maintainers-list about this. Does anyone know howto contact Aaron and / or whats up with Aaron?

Thanks & Regards,


Fedora-maintainers mailing list
Fedora-maintainers redhat com

I could take over gnome-applet-netspeed if there are no objections.
Keep in mind though, that if upstream turns out to be dead, as it
seems now, I'll retire it.

I've only begun the awol procedure for gnome-applet-sensors, but if aaron has other packages that are being neglected too, you can request them to be orphaned by FESco, riding along on this awol procedure.

About gnome-applet-netspeed, of it becomes available, go ahead and take it, however I must say I don't like you writing: "if upstream turns out to be dead, as it seems now, I'll retire it.", that seems like a bad policy to me. I maintain many packages where upstream is dead. As long as users find them usefull and they don't break left and right because of dependency changes, why abandon them?



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